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 Clan News
Last updated on: 2/22/2019
  • Over the pass few weeks, our game lobbies have steadily increased from 10-12 player lobbies, to maxing out at 25 players as of 2/21/2019. We hope to continue that and eventually host maxed out lobbies here soon. This could not have happened without the member's support and willingness to engage and be a part of this growing community. 

  • New changes to the community: 
    • A true and dedicated CAD system will be rolling out thanks to xMLGxxGunnerx. He is an OG Staff member from EoW from the 2015-2016 days. The system will currently be available to Law Enforcement Officers only. Fire/EMS will be integrated in the up an coming days.
    • With the influx of members joining the game, we finally opened up the Los Santos Police Department. If you are interested in joining the LSPD, contact Officer H00per over Discord for additional infomation.
    • Member's of the Month, POV scavenger hunts and the San Andreas Lottery System will be implemented in the coming days, so be on the lookout for that.
  • Please take the time to invite your friends to come join so we can continue to make this community great.
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