SECTION 1: Law Enforcement may use social media such as Snap-o-matic, LifeInvader, Rockstar Social Club, Facebook (i.e. TGx Whiteout), Upload Studio, or any other common social media platform used by our players to investigate crimes committed within our games.
SECTION 2: The evidence (i.e. photos, or videos) found on these platforms is allowed to be entered into investigations so long as Law Enforcement can connect the person to the crime that was committed, whether the evidence obtained occurred (or was taken) in roleplay or not.
SECTION 3: Law Enforcement may not use certain places that are organized for use by the Commission to ensure that certain groups are following guidelines set by statute. (i.e. the Gangs section of the Civilian/Community Forums on the website).
SECTION 4: Only places that are approved for protection from Law Enforcement investigations by the Commission cannot be used when investigating crimes, as suggested in Section 3.
SECTION 5: If a member suspects that members of Law Enforcement are breaking this statute, it is their responsibility to contact the Commission or Owner about it immediately so the issue can be dealt with or addressed.
SECTION 6: If an administrator suspects that a member of Law Enforcement is breaking this statute, it is their responsibility to contact said members and find out what the situation is, and if necessary to steer the investigation in the proper direction.
SECTION 7: If an administrator participates in the investigation or corrects the way that Law Enforcement is approaching the situation, they have the responsibility to not talk about the ongoing investigation with civilians. Breaking this section may result in disciplinary action.
SECTION 8: Upload Studio evidence can only be used when the video is taken during role play, and cannot be used as evidence if the video was only taken to prove that they were abiding by a rule. (i.e. proof of heist).
SECTION 9: Videos obtained via Upload Studio are not allowed to be used as evidence unless there is a different feasible perspective the video could be taken from (i.e. CCTV from a gas station after a hold up).
SECTION 10: If the player/member cannot be directly identified due to physical attributes (i.e. face or tattoos), then the player will not be identified by Law Enforcement until a connection can be made.
SECTION 11: Players tagged by Snap-O-Matic or other social media in the photo/video are not immediately identified unless their identity can be confirmed (i.e. face showing, or physical attributes)
SECTION 12: If a photo of a suspect/person is found of themselves on their Snap-O-Matic, or other social media, they can be immediately identified.
SECTION 13: If someone is a member of a crew/gang on social media, they cannot be identified as a part of that crew. (i.e. Social Club crews, or forum gangs.) It must be established in game via connections made.
SECTION 14: All evidence submitted or found via social media requires a warrant to be submitted to court for approval.
SECTION 15: Evidence obtained before 7/22/2015 is considered invalid, must be re-obtained, and resubmitted for approval.