Ranking Structure
Special Agent In Charge
Special Agent
Special Agent
Special Agent
Special Agent


  • CTU Director
  • TheMarine0817
  • Open
  • Open
  • Open

Recruitment: CLOSED

Neutral with All Parties.

- FIB Granger
- Declasse Granger
- Vapid Stanier
- Bravado Buffalo/S
- Seized Vehicles

- Police Loadout
- Seized Weapons

Primary Place of Business

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The Counter Terrorist Unit is the Department of Homeland Security's intelligence arm, under the National Protection and Programs directorate. The agency is also overseen by the Secretary of Defense. CTU was established after the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.

CTU is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and established domestic counter-terrorism divisional field offices in major U.S. metropolitan areas. CTU was to investigate the activities of domestic or foreign terrorists inside America's borders. CTU operations were overseen by both Congress and the Executive Branch of the federal government.

Clearance Levels:

CTU had clearance levels 1-6. An agent's clearance level - with one being the lowest - was initially determined by the Special Agent in Charge upon first recruitment to CTU, and was subject to review every three months during an agent's overall performance evaluation. During such evaluations, an agent's supervisor would report to the SAC as to whether it was necessary to upgrade their security level. Clearance was also occasionally upgraded on a temporary basis during times of crisis.


  • Washington D.C.
  • Los Santos
  • Liberty City
  • Vice City
  • Any other major city