I, Austin Campbell, was born August 1983, Grew up in Northern Algonquin with my mother and father. My Father was a Lieutenant for the Liberty City Fire Department but was killed on 9/11. I had just turned 18 and was starting my senior year. This made it hard on me, I missed a lot of classes, and grades started slacking. Luckily my girlfriend Lucy was there for me. Come graduation I had brought my grades up and graded in the top of the class. After graduation everyone was asking each other what their plans were now that we were graduated. When they came and asked me, I already knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to follow my dad’s footsteps and become a firefighter.

I started the Liberty City Fire Academy in July 2002, after graduation, I was the top of my class. I graduated with Top Honors and was given the choice to join the top fire station in the city, Station 11. Which was also my father’s old station, it was a real honor to be able to work out of the station my dad had been in.

I then went to work right away, I showed that was going to work my ass off to rise through the ranks. I worked long and hard, eventually rising to the rank of Lieutenant by Feb 2007, after working as many shifts as I could. I worked hard and did all my duties that were given to me whether it be train the new firefighters or truck checks, I did whatever was needed of me. After getting the promotion I was given a bonus, so with that I bought my girlfriend Lucy a ring and proposed. We got married shortly after. Life was good for us, my job was going well and Lucy had just got done with Nursing School and was looking for jobs while she went to school to become a doctor.

About 2 years later in 2009 I was promoted again to the rank of captain after the Deputy Chief was fired for improper conduct. Another year had passed and I was one of the best Captains in the FDLC. So come promotion time there was me and about 20 other Captains up for Deputy Chief Positions. I was one of 5 to get the Deputy Chief promotion. Shortly after being promoted I was given the opportunity to run the newly built Station 22 that opened up in Bohan, So Lucy and I moved over in Broker/Dukes so I could be closer to work, lucky for us Lucy had just gotten a job at Schottler Medical Center.

In 2013 a job opening as a Fire Chief had come up in Los Santos, so I had applied just to try. Well it turns out I was what they wanted. So I took a flight out there and had my interview and shown around there headquarters. They hired me right then and there, it took some time to convince Lucy to move but she was up for it since she was now a doctor and she would have a better chance finding work, which she did at Mount Zonah Medical Center.

Now, Lucy and I just moved in to our new high end apartment in downtown Los Santos. Life is great for the two of us, we started making bank quick. We earned enough money between the two of us to afford a Coquette and a Cheetah. I let Lucy drive the Coquette after we got the Cheetah. Work was good for the two of us, I had worked a lot with the Los Santos County Fire Department and helped to rebuild it from the ground up to help it operate better. Lucy works a lot of hours at Mount Zonah so she isn’t home too often, and when she is she is usually sleeping. After work I usually hang out with some friends of mine and go out for drinks. Life is great for the two of us, Lucy and I are looking forward to many more years together in the city of Los Santos.